Standard Size Dance Fans

Spanish dance fansA perfect combination of style and function, these Spanish hand fans make a beautiful statement piece for any occasion. Most flamenco fans on this page are 9″ and considered standard size. Spanish dance fans are suitable for a variety of performances including ballet, belly dance, flamenco, sevillanas or opera.

With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect Spanish fan to suit your own taste. Bring some elegance to your evening wear or performance with an exquisite flamenco dance fan. Artisans in Valencia, Spain craft each folding fan from a variety of materials creating a unique item to treasure for years to come. Fans conveniently ship from our warehouse in Florida (USA)

Fun fact: In the 19th century, women developed a “secret language” using folding fans for silent communication. During this time, the ladies discovered a way to communicate with their suitors without drawing their chaperones attention. So not only were the fans a beautiful fashion statement but a form of secretly sharing their emotions without speaking.

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