Spanish Hair Combs - Flamenco Combs - Peinetas

Capture the essence of Spain with one of our authentic Spanish hair combs called peinetas. Our large selection of decorative combs include flamenco combs, wedding veils combs also known as bridal mantilla combs. Our peinetas crafted in Spain by select artisans are superior quality items.

Worn under a mantilla veil for instance, the mantilla comb is classic and elegant. As a traditional accessory for a bride, a wedding veil comb adds a timeless feminine look.

Spanish combs have a convex shape and teeth that fasten into the back of a hair bun. Originally made of tortoise shell, these combs are now made from acetate. Above all, gorgeous hand crafted hair combs allow for flexibility and greater comfort.

Made of plastic, flamenco combs come in many different colors and styles. Designed with lightweight comfort in mind, they are an excellent choice for dancing. Used for flamenco or ballet, peinetas add a traditional Spanish flair to your ensemble. In summary, flamenco combs the perfect finishing touch for many occasions!

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